CCJ’s Coding Note 2021 (1) - Basic Knowledge Points Summary

Written by CCJ, Monday, Jan 18, 2021 @ Secaucus, NJ, USA.

DFS - Path Finding

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DFS - Cycle Finding

Graph - Adjacency List Representation

# Python3 program to print DFS traversal
# from a given given graph
from collections import defaultdict
# This class represents a directed graph using
# adjacency list representation
class Graph:
# Constructor
def __init__(self):
# default dictionary to store graph
# Using List as defaultdict's default_factory
self.graph = defaultdict(list)
# function to add an edge to graph
def addEdge(self, u, v):
# A recursive function used by DFS
def DFSUtil(self, v, visited):
# Mark the current node as visited and print it
visited[v] = True
print(v, end = ' ')
# Recur for all the vertices adjacent to this vertex
for i in self.graph[v]:
if visited[i] == False:
self.DFSUtil(i, visited)
# The function to do DFS traversal. It uses
# recursive DFSUtil()
def DFS(self, v):
# Mark all the vertices as not visited
visited = [False] * (max(self.graph)+1)
# Call the recursive helper function to print DFS traversal
self.DFSUtil(v, visited)
# Function to print a BFS of graph
def BFS(self, s): # s is int value;
# Mark all the vertices as not visited
visited = [False] * (len(self.graph))
# Create a queue for BFS
queue = []
# Mark the source node as visited and enqueue it
visited[s] = True
while queue:
# Dequeue a vertex from queue and print it
# current vertex v:
# and the first value of v will be the starting node s;
v = queue.pop(0)
print (v, end = " ")
# Get all adjacent vertices of the
# dequeued vertex v. If an adjacent
# has not been visited, then mark it
# visited and enqueue it
for i in self.graph[v]: # for all incidentEdges(v), that is,edge (v, i)
if visited[i] == False:
visited[i] = True

Heap and Heapify

1) Definition

A heap is a binary tree storing keys at its internal nodes and satisfying the following properties:

The last node of a heap is the rightmost internal node of depth h − 1.

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2) Height of a Heap

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3) Insertion into a Heap and Up-heap Bubbling